Sunday, November 23, 2008

observations from PA

gas is crazy cheap here, makes me mad at myself for filling up in binghamton. i saw some for 1.82 yesterday.

i called around to have my snow tires (which i brought) switched with my real tires, and monro muffler will do it for $18 a tire. shiiiiiit. so i went to BJs and the guy told me he could do it on the side for $50 cash. sold! he had diamond earrings so big you would have thought he was a pro-football player.

we took patti with us to the dry run to my work, and BJs.. the tires too a long time so we had to speed across town to RHs football game and p-head puked in the backseat. wtf, patti.

we made it in time to see RH score a touchdown though.

EH is making lasagna tonight, and we are going to make moroccan tagine tomorrow..

tonight is the AMAs with jimmy kimmel. should be good. i hope i can stay awake that long. last night i fell asleep at 830pm. :)

audrey is so cute, she is so vocal.. she makes this sort of high pitched sighing noise pretty much non-stop... and she loves when you snort at her like a piggy..