Tuesday, November 11, 2008

so excited.

woo who! so i submitted an offer on the clover ridge house last night, and this morning they accepted!! i'm so excited. next up is the home inspection, radon inspection and they start the mortgage process.. the sellers want to close more than 2 weeks before we proposed.. so we are going to try to do this in 30 days.. i think that's a little tight, but we'll see. :)

i worked up a little map to illustrate where my new place is in relation to a few places...

(click on the map for a working version)

the volcano icon is my new house!
the red triangles indicate where my two jobs are.. the top one is OBG, the bottom one is the station..
the green man and woman in teh bottom right is where my parents live.
the green man on a horse is Bilo, of course.
the red bed is the block that 2 of my new coworkers live on.

so to say i am so excited would be an understatement.. i'm thinking that i need to have a big birthday party this year and break in the new bar. :)