Tuesday, April 07, 2009

and everything falls into place.

i'm not going to lie and say the last couple of weeks haven't been stressful. i don't know if its the carrot of vacation dangling in front of me or what, but why are the week/weeks leading up to a vacation always so stressful? maybe its the planning, the lack of time to make plans, the thinking about all the work that will be waiting for me when i get back, family medical issues, or maybe it's the new birth control i am taking... whatever it is, it's making me seriously stressed. there have been more than a few nights in the past couple of weeks where i have cried myself to sleep... when the end of the day comes on friday i think i will feel 200 lbs lighter.

despite the crushing stress, i've managed to fit most everything into my social puzzle quite nicely.. this weekend i'll have an opportunity to have dinner with a dear old friend that i don't see nearly enough, we are going to check out a "hidden gem" of a sushi place in arlington. then i will be able to spend some quality time my "kindred spirit" in weytown, followed by an action packed easter.. all before i meet up with KT and head south of the border. and i am looking forward to all of it!! (esp the cemetery part)

then i'm off to the riveria maya for 5 days and 4 nights. the weather seems to be different each time i look, so i'm not going to look again until friday.. it should be high 80's all week. :) good thing i am bringing the SPF 70.

when i return to boston the following weekend JBP and i are going to see "Flight of the Conchords" at BU. i'm crazy excited about that! afterwards we will meet up with our ladies and celebrate and cap the night off in a downtown hotel.. next saturday is a little up in the air right now.. i'm really leaning towards going home and chillaxing/unwinding from my vacation.

in other plan making news i'll be going to chicago in less than a month for a conference on social networking... woo who. KH has agreed to let me stay with her after the conference and we are going to do fun things!! i'm real excited about both the conference, and seeing KH.. i haven't seen her since SH's wedding, and i've only seen J in photos! i have good feelings about that trip already.

alright, it's late enough, time to cry myself to sleep.