Wednesday, April 15, 2009


this was the beach at the ruins at tulum.

this is the 6 of us at the ruins.

today we went to see the ruins at tulum. i was not as impressed with these ruins as i was with the ones at chichen itza. but there was WAY more shade with these.. and we were just 6 people, so we had the guide to ourselves. after the ruins, we went to a cenote called Dos Ojos and snorkled with carlos and angel. it was pretty awesome. i will totally go snorkling next opportunity i get.. seriously amazing.

afterwards we came back to the hotel and drank and swam.. then we had a snack and now are getting ready to go to the hibachi.. people are taking such good pics, i can't wait to share everyones photos.. :)

we are really having a good time. EH and i are laughing our asses off at every opportunity. its really fun to go on vacation with your relatives and just have fun. hopefully someday SH will be able to afford a vacation.

last night we saw a show that the "rah rahs", the entertainment staff put on called Lion King.. the most funny part was that at the END of the show ryan says.. "hey... i think one of those people are the rah rahs.." (everyone in the show was a rah rah...) we laughed at him.

KT has been pestered all week by the massage guy.. he even gave her a free "5" minute massage... more like 20 minute massage..