Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter in weymouth

the K's were so gracious to allow me to tag along on their eater celebration this yeat. it was a good time. we went to church in the morning and i was shocked that there were so few people there.. at catholic church on easter, its standing room only.. i even took communion. only they all kneel around the alter, while the minister (a gay woman in this instance) comes around gives everyone the wafer, and then someone else comes aorund witha goblet of wine, and you dip the host into the wine.. then eat it. it was so painful to kneel on the alter, and strange to get the wine..

the rest of the service was pretty much like i remember catholic mass, only not as much up and down, kneeling and standing.. they might have had more singing though.

after church we went back to the house and prepared for all the guests that were coming for dinner. dinner was goood.. kinda like thanksgiving. there were lots of people there..

after dinner there was photo taking, and later a trip to the graveyard for a cemetary party. it was beyond cold for the cemetary party, so it didn't last very long, but i got to see where all the dead family people live.. and where their other "favorites" are.