Friday, April 17, 2009


this is te hibachi dinner we ate wednesday night. we shared the grill with some very friendly british people. one in particular, "james" is very friendly.

somehow i have picked up a GI disease. it's not very plesant. esp when i am wearing a bathing suit most of the day. in addition to the disentary i drank way too much on wed night at the hibachi and afterwards and threw up in my room. it was so bad that KT and i took my sheets, the towells we used to clean the mess, the bathmat, and threw them out in the trash can in the hallway.. last night we had a note slipped under our door saying we needed to talk to the customer service people. they want to charge us 500 pesos (roughly $50) to pay for the cleaning of the linens. KT argued that the towels aren't worth 500 pesos... we might get out of it... that is to be determined.

today we leave for home. it doesn't seem like we were here all that long.

we went to the marina yesterday and i had my hair braided.. it looks so cute! :)

RH has been such a good participant.. he has participated in almost all of the activities the entertainment staff has put forth.. yesterday he did an iron man competition, the first day he did a beer drinking contest, he always plays water polo... the "rah rahs" know his name, and call him over the announcement system when they are gathering people for their activities. this is a photo of him and EH in thier water polo uniforms.