Tuesday, April 14, 2009


so i made it.. transferring in philly was terrible, but none the less i made it. KT and i met up at customs just like planned, then we bought 2 pina coladas and some pringles from the bar right outside the airport and it cost us $23. we got hosed. KT thinks she left her jacket in the shuttle bus that took us form the airport. hopefully she can get it back.

E&R just happened to be walking in the lobby as we were walking off the shuttle.. os that was convenient. and C&J showed up 15 minutes later..

we swam at the pool after we got settled in our rooms.. then we ate dinner and flited between bars until about 10-11pm. we were all pretty beat..

RH was the only one with a hangover this morning. :) shocking.. lol.

we just made our reservations this morning for dinner tomorrow and thursday nights. all the other nights were full.. good thin we got in. we'll be eating buffet the rest of the time.

we are going to see if we can get a trip to go see the ruins in tulum tomorrow.. then E,R & KT are going to golf on thursday morn.

alright. i'm off to join the kids at the pool.