Sunday, April 19, 2009

i'm back...

it's good to be back.. i've resisted looking at any of my work emails.. i am going to hold out until tomorrow. i picked up p-head today. cath was more than happy to get rid of her, and she was SOOOO happy to see me.

i'm mostly caught up on all the shows that i missed this week.. 'cept a couple that my stupid dvr didn't record, biggest loser, and SNL. wtf.

i'm doing my laundry and procrastinating unpacking.. i'm still wading through personal emails while i watch my shows.

when i went to retrieve my mail yesterday i realized that i had left the front door completely unlocked. omg.. i am so dumb. thank god noone broke in, or even just walked in. as far as i can tell all my belongings are still here.

of course now that i am back i feel like i am getting a cold. my nose is running, and i keep sneezing, and of course the *mexican flu* is still working it's way out of my body one toilet full at a time.

amazing race looks pretty intense tonight. what is the *sign* for bitch?

the pictures are starting to come in from the trip..

here are the ones i took at easter with the kellys..

here are the ones i took in mexico.

here are CFs mexico pics and

here are EHs mexico pics.

i'll post the other pics when i get them...