Saturday, April 11, 2009

the time has come!

so i am finally free form obligations and ready to party down! i am glad i have a few hours to myself this morning too.. too bad i prepared a bowl of low mein noodles, sesame tofu and rice (leftover from last nights dinner) and promptly spilled it down my leg and onto the cream colored rug!! yay. i need to wash these rugs again. :( i'm thinking white is not a good color for me.

i think i am overpacking. if i recall, last time i was there i wore my bathsuit and some over clothes most of the days.. but we didn't really take part in nightly activities.. maybe i should bring a different change of clothes for each day... hmm...

i am seriously slacking in my email replies.. :( maybe i will have time to return some of them from the airports...

i love having the itouch.. now i don't need to lug my lappy with me. lappys are such a pain, so now that frees me up to take a proper carry on. woot. i hope that the plane to mexico isnt full and i can have a row or a couple of seats to myself.

alright, i'm getting carried away watching kat von D on jimmy fallon.. i need to get moving.