Sunday, September 30, 2007

6 pack of shut the f up!

this picture sums up the great time we are having visiting with the hunts. cath gets so excited.. i will most likely be blowing this up and printing it out on canvas for my wall when i get my own house.

we had a fun day laughing our way through 2 houses and some of the historic sites of philadelphia and then the obligatory visit to ikea.

it was a tight fit all of us squeezing into the rav-4. we were all a little punchy most of the time, prompting MB to want to give all of us a 6 pack of shut the f up at one point or another.

i'm glad i had a philly cheese steak so that i can say i had one and never need to eat one again. i don't see what the big attraction is? it's grey/fatty chop steak smothered in cheez whiz, "wit" or "witout" onions in a sub roll. big deal, the meat doesn't even taste that good. and the people are kind of rude that make it for you. i wish i had gone to the mexican place next door to genos, or even the sandwich bar.. oh well. i saw ridiculously good looking restaurants on market street and around that i will surely like to visit in future trips. there was a tapas place, thai, sushi places.. yum!!! way better than cheesesteaks i'm sure.

i've taken more than 2 hundred pictures so far.. i've broken them up into a couple of categories so you can selectively look at the ones you want to see.

here are the 106 photos of the house the hunts are going to put an offer in on.

and here are the photos of our day in philly. if i take any more today i will post them to this album.