Monday, September 03, 2007

weekend highlights

this weekend was a lot of fun, as i predicted. i had some drinks at bonefish friday night with TRoss. i had been dying to have some designer drinks over there for some time now. i was NOT disappointed. i had blueberry mojitos. yummmm. it was nice to catch up with her, it had been a long time..

KT showed up on saturday as SH and JrH were getting back from their day at the fair (sans my red sox shirt that LD assured me she wouldn't forget...grrrrr). sat evening the whole group of us took batting practice and hit some golf balls. then we hit mulligans to show KT some local fun. the highlight of the evening was when the TVs kept showing the red sox game, and i couldn't read the score from where i was sitting, and KT went over and saw that the score was "6-10, red sox". i wasn't really sure why they seemed to be celebrating so wildly the win... till later when we heard someone say that the red sox had pitched a no hitter. jeez. that would be something to celebrate, a no hitter with the score 6-10... yeah, i think KT needs to get some glasses, it was 0-10..

sat morning before the fair KT went for a run anticipating the fried food to be consumed at the fair... i told her we lived right on the erie canal, and how to get there. well. she didn't listen so good and ended up crawling through the brush and hopping across the creek to get to the path, rather than going around the right way. she came back all scratched up. super funny. :)

we spent a majority of our day yesterday at the fair. i'm glad the weather wasn't unbearable. we didn't really see all the "fair people" i expected to see. the highlight of he day was obviously seeing the american idols.

i'm mad cause i know i took video of KT feeding the giraffe and its not on my camera. :(

my favorite part of the concert was not the concert itself, it was the man with the 3 or more daughters sitting to the left of us. he looked like he was hating life throughout the whole 3 hour long ordeal. cath mentioned that he looked like he was sleeping with his eyes open.. or as if he was in some sort of coma. he sat with his mouth open staring blankly off into space about 90% of the time i looked at him. cath and i got laughing so hard we were crying.. i joked that someday that would be ryan, taking his daughters to a concert...

luckily our seats were on the fringe of the "obstructed view" section, so KT was able to sit next to us even though she didn't have a ticket in our area.

because the concert was sponsored by pop tarts they gave away free ones as we exited the stadium.. i was amazed to see how anyone had room left in their stomachs to consume the pop tarts immediately.. hadn't these people already had their fill of fried food?

another highlight of the show was lot of blake and chris richardson time.. and blakes beat boxing.. and i loved chris sligh's many outfit changes into CNY related clothes...

laKisha sang i will always love you by whitney houston perfectly.. it was breathtaking..

don't get me wrong, there were lowlights too. the main one being the horrifically uncomfortable metal bench seats with too little leg room (even for me).

another annoying thing was the camera people didn't really follow the performers around all that well. so being up super high in the stands, we really only saw the show on the jumbo screens, and there would be a close up for a few minutes, and then a shot of them running away.. i wish there were more close ups..

now that all the guests have gone home we are left here to clean up and take care of our new "borrowed" pet. ms. patty poo will be staying with us till st patricks day.. :) j/k hopefully E&R sell their house sooner than that.. i am not sure patty really knows what is going on yet.. but lucky for fatty, she isn't obsessed with her like linus is.. i hope they become friends like fatty and frankie are.. but something tells me patty isn't as social as frankie..

here are the pics from this weekend.