Thursday, September 06, 2007

not looking good..

things are not looking good for me and the speeding in the work zone ticket.. i sent in the letter that cath crafted and they sent me back a court date. i called the oh so nice ancient lady working as the clerks secretary and she remembers getting my letter and said that the DA only considers reductions if they are done in person. :( horrible news for me. i think i would rather plead guilty than go and stand in front of this guy and beg to have the violation reduced knowing that there is little to no chance he will reduce it. it's all about the rejection.. i can't handle it.. the *upside* is that it should only cost me in the $270 range.. i was expecting something more like $400+.

in lighter news, tonight i am going to see the traveling cirque du soliel show, saltimbanco, that is in syracuse for the next 5 days. woo who! i love cirque shows. too bad i was too impatient and went ahead and bought tix when i could have had them free from work. :(

did anyone else see that pam from the office (jenna fischer) is separating from her husband? :( i read her blog all the time. it always sounded like they were so happy.. but i guess it's not human nature to broadcast the reoccurring "bad times" you experience in your personal life.. cause who would publicly identify a problem and not take actions towards doing something about it.. i think kowign that will make "the office" that much better this season.. it starts soon, sept 27th. woot!

i must admit a smile crept into my face this morning when i woke up and saw a new post from wfischer in my rss reader.. i like reading what he has to say.

the way he salvages something so ridiculously mundane and boring with his little cultural references thrown in remind me of some of the "sports guys" posts..

okay... maybe that wasn't the best example..

but bill simmons can relate sports information into tangible pop cultural references so that even the most casual of fans can understand his "cobra-kai" or "real world/road rules challenge" parallels.. he's a delight, and if you don't already read him, you should. plus it doesn't hurt that he was born and raised in boston and of course follows all the boston teams.

alright, enough of this "ass-kiss rodeo"....