Friday, September 07, 2007


it's in the 9's and i'm finally where i need to be in the way of organizing myself for this weekend. you see i am going to NJ this weekend. Parlin to be exact. it's a "child free" getaway ironically brought on by a pregnancy. i'm sure that while there will be no young'uns present, there will be much talk of them... i am traveling with two high school friends that i live in the same general town as, but rarely see. one (MV) is a mother of 2 who has not had a weekend to herself since the babies were born, and the other (OC) is an intern i think at one or more of the local hospitals. actually, she might be a resident somewhere, i'm not sure, that is how little i see her. we're going to visit another class of '94-er (PW) who is with child.

in preparation for my drive i changed my oil today, bought a refill of my air freshener, programmed everyone's addresses into the Magellan, and now i am updating the blog. i was hoping to squeeze in the new Clive Owen movie tonight but working really late prohibited that from happening.. maybe if i get back in time on sunday i will go then.

i notice that someone i work with drinks Lipton Raspberry White Tea like it's going out of style, so when i saw it in Diet at the grocery store this evening i picked one up. they are not half bad.. very sweet, which makes me question the "tea" part of it.. i think they sell them in the vending machine at work, i might need to have them once and a while as a treat.

since cath is out at the casino tonight i have the tv to myself and am taking the opportunity to watch some of my netflix dvds.. i've probablly paid for 6 months of netflix and not watched a single dvd in that time.. latte, i'll never retire at that rate.