Tuesday, September 04, 2007

diet dr pepper vs diet cherry pepsi

the coke products were on sale at target the last time i needed to go shopping for soda and they were out of my usual diet cherry pepsi to boot. i have always enjoyed the diet dr pepper as i think it tastes pretty much identical to regular dr pepper. i'm not really sure i am an informed judge anymore because i think it's been more than a decade since i drank regular strength sodas... but anyway.. i'm about 3 cans into this 12 pack of diet dr pepper and honestly, i'm thinking about taking it out of hiding and leaving it in the open for guests to take at their will..

it has almost no flavor to me. it tastes watered down almost.

has anyone else noticed this? it seems unreasonable to assume that diet cherry pepsi is just a SUPERIOR product, when i once upon a time had such a love affair with diet dr pepper...