Saturday, September 15, 2007

omg i hate the yankees


here are the fine photos i took last night.. with color commentary..

**end of update**

words can't describe the hate i feel for the yankees.

tonight KaW and i were at the italian fest. the weather people at work swore it wasn't going to rain. i should have know better. it rained most of the time i was there. good thing the wine kept us waterproof. by the end of the night KaW asked the police officers that were standing with us if she could take a picture with them. i'll add it to this post tomorrow.

i took plenty of italian hair pictures. i was unaware that italian women were so stuck in the 80's.. its alarming how many bottles of aquanet went into tonights festival.

as the festival was winding down we asked a bartender how to get to "the bull and bear". a young guy in a red sox hat pointed us in the right direction and told me the score was 2-7 red sox. i gloated as we wandered to the B&B in the rain. half way there we saw kelly coles improper (the old mcgregors) i ran into the ruby begonia guy and gave him my email address and he is supposed to email me the latest wine tour info. i might start going to beer club again.. KaW might go with me. i hope she does. anyway.. we're ordering drinks from the bar and i see all kinds of people i work with.. so we join the party. it was good times, seeing as i wear my headphones so often, i don't really get to talkk to anyone i work with. it's always nice to see people in an outside of work capacity..

oh. as we sat chatting with the work people the Yankees managed to come back in the house that williams built from 2-7 to 8-7.. those bastards.