Thursday, September 06, 2007


ooohhh. i love cirque shows... i wish it were my job to watch them all day long. if you've never seen a cirque show you are seriously missing out. it's not easy to describe what a show is like, i guarantee that you've never seen anything like it though. there are acrobatics, hand balancing, juggling, bicycle riding, swinging, trapeze, clowns, comedy and the most in-shape people you will ever see in your life, i don't think any one of the people in the show had even one percentage of body fat on them. the costumes are also visually stunning.

my absolute favorite part of the show was the twin brothers that did the hand balancing. rrrrrrrrrrr. crazy insane. they were chad-hot... :) this is them below. trust me, they look better when they don't have green facial hair.

this video is not the twins that we saw... but you get the idea of the kind of things they do.

i was kind of surprised that there were not more people at the show.. it was pretty empty i thought.. the people that did show up were in one of two stages of dress. summer wear (shorts/t-shirts) and formal/hooker wear. there really wasn't much of an in-between. cath thought maybe tonight was "hookers get in free" night.