Monday, September 10, 2007

NJ weekend

this weekend was spent driving down to NJ with MV and OC. we spent more than 10 hours in the car driving to and fro.. you really learn a lot about a person when you take a road trip with them. this is what i learned...

1. MV seems to be mysteriously dialed into some sort of retail satellite. i feel like she pointed out every shopping opportunity within a 50 mile radius at all times.

2. OC is the opposite of me when it comes to talking on the phone and taking calls. maybe it's 2nd nature for her as a part of her line of work, but it seemed like she was on the phone more than a 411 operator.

3. unless MV or OC are driving they are extremely carsick. carsick to the point where we had to pull over on the side of 81, and MV practically jumped out of a moving car to quell the upset stomach.

4. another funny thing was when OC almost let her future step children (ages 11-12) go to see superbad.

seeing PW was great, i haven't seen her since her trip to boston many years ago where we ironically went out for mexican. her house is so cute and deceivingly large. she is so cute pregnant... i saw her scrapbooks in person and she makes EH look like a rookie..

when i grow up i want to travel as much as PW and DW do.. so jealous. they've been everywhere..

i was kind of alarmed at how different my life is compared to the three of theirs. they are all married or engaged and they all have children of some degree. i didn't really have much to contribute to the conversation. i don't have kids, i've never had an engagement ring, i don't work in a hospital.. i am wondering though if part of my silence was because when i type things into this blog, it's like i download it out of my memory.. one of the questions i dread most from people i don't see regularly is "what's new with you?". i never know how to respond... do they really want an answer? or is it a rhetorical question? then when i gauge that it's not rhetorical, i rack my brain thinking of "new things", only i can't quickly decide what is "new" with me. it sounds dumb and i think people hate hearing it, but they could get an overview of what is new with me by reading this blog. i think being more specific with a question like that would be more helpful to me... keep that in mind far away blog readers. :)

blogging sort of deletes events out of my mind, which sometimes has a sort of therapeutic effect on me, but it can also be a pain.. i wonder if its a real life affliction...

my car got scary great miles. i got nearly 400 out of my last tank of gas. we figured it out to be about 7mpg. go honda!

here are my pics from the weekend, and here are PWs.

morbid monday links coming tomorrow. (hopefully)