Sunday, May 25, 2008

adult fun.

it was very refreshing to have some adult time this weekend, preceded by some teagan time.

friday i didn't get out of work till the usual time :( so i didn't arrive in olean till close to 10. cath and i immediately started watching "there will be blood". it was a pretty decent film. "i drink your milkshake", i kept waiting for that line and pretty much had to wait till the last 10 minutes of the movie. but i still liked it..

saturday after taking the teags to the Y for a dip in the pool (photos here) i headed over to hornell to meet AL to go to the shower.

shower was good. not very eventful.. but nice to have time to chat with mostly AL..

after the shower the real fun began.. we met out at a bar and got our drinks on.. i took a lot of photos and even some video... the photos really tell the story.. so i suggest you check them out.. :)

we couldn't resist eating at the diner on the way home, so of course, i ended up throwing it all up before i could fall asleep. i hate to admit it, but it felt so good to throw that up, and i am a great puker.. i have a lot of practice... maybe i could be bulimic....

this evening i have watched a bunch of jimmy kimmel shows and went to see iron man again.. there were more people in the theater watching it with me this time than there were the 1st time around. and it was equally as good this 2nd time.

tomorrow the main thing on my agenda is to wash the bugs and bird feces off my car. :) i love free days off of work.