Sunday, June 28, 2009

empty weekends are always productive

as you can see by the previous post, i was very productive this weekend. i am most enjoying watching the 2nd season of madmen.. i can totally see why it's received so many awards - it's worth them all. i also see why people fall all over jon hamm as don draper... he's fantastical! there is a new character this season called bobbie barrett, she's the wife of a comedian, when i just hear her talking, she sounds like kathleen turner from peggy sue got married. maybe that is why i like this show/era so much.

i had my oil changed at the dealership on saturday. people wonder why i take the car there, and even though i had a coupon this time, it's still about the same price as valvoline, and they are so nice there. i didn't even have to wait for them to take my car in.

i made recipe for dill pesto cream sauce this weekend to put over gluten free pasta. i had never really had the GF pasta and was skeptical to try it. it took a lot longer to cook than regular pasta, and was a little on the chewy side while it was cooking, but it turned out not bad. i'd eat it again.

however, by the time i was done with all the cooking i was really not that interested in eating it, i think it might be because it had chicken in it, and it took all my strength not to throw up when i was cooking it. i think maybe i was born to be a vegetarian. :)

i didn't mow my lawn this week even though we got a lot of rain. i'll do it next week. here is a pic of my white trash lawn when i let it go for three weeks...

here are the complete pictures i took at aud's birthday.