Friday, June 26, 2009

lots to do... **list updated**

i have so many things to do and little to nothing to do this weekend, so hopefully i will be productive and get some stuff done.

my weekend action items.

  • email relevant parties about camping at the reunion
  • get an oil change
  • do laundry
  • make chicken with dill pesto cream sauce over gluten free pasta
  • pick up
  • post hundreds of pictures i've taken
  • put away my suitcase from last week
  • do a ppt about my chicago social networking conference **making good progress**
  • hang my framed picture from JBP
  • delete some things off the DVR
  • activate my new CC
  • see a movie?
  • walk p head 3 2 1 times
  • write a blog
  • watch some of my downloaded tv shows (FotC S2, MadMen S2)
  • get a waxing
  • sweep/swiffer
  • vaccuum
  • paint
  • draw
  • get notebook from work
  • get gas
  • stop in and make sure fatty is not dead
  • **angelas favorite, run dishwasher
  • swap summer clothes/shoes for winter clothes/shoes

    i think that is enough. i'd like to get my locks changed. but i don't think that is the kind of thing i can call up a locksmith on a saturday and have done that day.

    i'm watching jimmy kimmel from last night and shia laboef is the guest, god i love that kid. he is so funny and good looking, i hope he doesn't expire early...

    time for wine.