Friday, June 05, 2009

i heart apple emails.

i look forward to seeing emails from Apple in my inbox. they are usually so well designed. i love the roundy edges on things, i like that they usually use black as a background color, and it makes their colorful products pop. i love the reflections, and i love that their products are by themselves, not as a part of a background photo. apple knows that i have an iPod touch, so my emails are sometimes pointed that way, like this month.. there was a tip in this edition that has made my worklife infinitely easier.

iPod touch tip
If you're in another application while listening to music, you can bring up your music controls simply by double-clicking the Home button.

there wasn't a link to the email on a server somewhere for those whose mail clients have scrambled the email... they must be very confident that their emails work perfectly across the board.