Friday, June 19, 2009

some lists..

as my time in PA comes to an end here are some things i am going to miss, and not miss.

things i am going to miss...

  • E,R&AH. obviously

  • the sooo cute stone houses

  • my spacious temporary cube

  • whole foods/trader joes

  • the funny noises the cash registers make at the wawa and the general niceness of the cashiers there

  • having dinner made & someone to share it with each night

  • radio 104.5 - no djs, just music that reminds me of my younger years

  • 2 starbucks on my way to work

  • going to bed in the 9s

  • things i am not going to miss...
  • the innane, road rage inducing traffic at 5pm.

  • the severe cold in the office

  • living from a suitcase

  • "the long walk"

  • the mailbox that scratched up my car

  • hearing danny boneduce's gravel-ly voice when i scan through the channels in the morning

  • waking up more than an hour earlier than i usually do

  • i might keep adding to these as the ideas come to me.