Sunday, June 14, 2009

PA so far

i'm in pa and having a good time so far. yesterday morning we went to a couple of my favorite store that i don't have in syracuse. whole foods and trader joes. whole foods has the BEST recyclable bags. i will surely go back and buy at least one more. they are colorful, tall, plastic on the outside and cloth-y on the inside.. truly spectacular.

i've had great success at not eating wheat, and yesterday was a true test! at the game i drank quite a bit of wine (they sell it in the "high & inside" bar behind homeplate in case anyone is interested.) and ate a fair amount of food at the game.. crabby fries, nachos and a bunless hot dog.. but more importantly was all the wine. i had no repercussions last night. i didn't even have a hangover this morning.. it was grand.

hee hee. funny note. as i type this i hear a jingling in the hallway.. everyone went to bed at 915, so i am sure it's not E or R.. i open my bedroom door, and sure enough it's p-head.. i don't know how she found me, i accidentally didn't lock up her cage, so she's come for a night-time visit. i might just let her sleep in here because i am too lazy to go downstairs now. unless she gets too annoying in the night.

here are some pictures from the game.

EH decided she needed a new shirt at the game.. this girl is not afraid to change clothes in the middle of a baseball stadium

see us in our umbrella-ella-ella-ella. there was a 95 minute rain delay. pretty sucky.

this is miss A, eating her lunch. she's a real ham...

here are the pics that i've taken so far.