Tuesday, June 09, 2009

one week wheat free

so today marks one week from when i stopped eating wheat. it's been much easier than i imagined... i've not had diarrhea like experiences since i stopped eating wheat. this is probably going to be TMI, but i kind of forgot what it was like to have regular bowel movements. it's pretty awesome, actually. i am sure over this past week i consumed some trace amounts of wheat(flour), but i had none of the symptoms like what i felt last monday. it really baffles me that none of the doctors i've seen and mentioned this to ever brought up a possible food allergy as an explanation to what was happening to me. it seemingly is an allergy to wheat. wtf...

it's not exactly easy to eat wheat free, but here is an idea of what i've been consuming..
rice... i love my rice maker
baked tofu
tortilla chips
baked polenta with cheese melted on top
corn quesadillas
lettuce wraps
corn flakes
rice chex
rice cakes
stuffed cabbage rolls

so you can see it's not as if i am starving myself. quite the opposite.. i have had a few unexplained instances of daytime heartburn.. i'm not really sure why, but i decided to continue to take my prilosec for a few more weeks. i have not had any night time heartburn during this week. that is fantastic!

i think that this new way of eating is going to coincide nicely with the CSA deliveries. they start next week. i'll be in PA, but cath will get mine and bring it with her to PA. i am really excited about the CSA. i plan on taking photos of each weeks shipments and of the pick-up POD for those of you curious about what CSAs are. hell, i am curious! :)

thursday i drive down to E&Rs house for a red sox game this weekend followed by a week of work in Blue Bell, then it's miss As 1st birthday. i am going to need to give EH some painting lessons.. she's started three paintings and needs some help. another crafty thing we'll be doing is making hello kitty cupcake pops for the big party. too bad i won't be able to eat them, but it will be fun trying to make them look good. :)

this past weekend B&MK visited. we had a good time, i wish they would move up here rather than down south, i always have a good time with BD, but she lives too far away. here are my pics