Wednesday, June 03, 2009

visitors and visiting and mexican food.

this weekend BDK and MK are coming to stay at my house. they have appointments in the 'cuse this weekend. i'll be glad to see them in between their obligations.

tonight i went to S&PFs house for dinner. little K is sooo cute. her hair is so curly.. she also says all kinds of words.. she points out all kinds of things and says their names, she says animal sounds, she blows kisses, crosses her fingers and even fist bumps on command. it's adorable. the Bs were there also.. their daughters are getting so big too.. i haven't seen A since she was a itty bitty baby. S&P have a new stone patio now, it's gorgeous.

i rented the new season of Weeds on my way home from Hollywood Video because i had gift cards, now i have until monday to watch 13 episodes... i have faith in myself.

i'm pretty sure my days are numbered at the station... they're auditioning new people... it was fun while it lasted, but it will also be nice to have some free time.

i went to alto cinco last night for dinner. it was fantastic, i can't believe its taken me this long to dine there. i didn't get a to go menu though, so until i do, the review will have to wait...