Thursday, June 11, 2009

*sigh* we are mere mortals...

i went to the greek festival tonight with my former roommates. it was very rainy, but we took good advantage of mikes heart condition and parked in a handicapped spot right next to the church. there seemed to be more greek people there then usual.. maybe because it's the first night? i am glad i decided to drive down to PA tomorrow morning instead of after work tonight. driving in constant rain is very taxing. hopefully the weather will be nicer tomorrow. it was a little sad not being able to eat the honey puffs, but the plastic cup of greek wine more than made up for it.

tomorrow Auds has tubes put in her ears. :( i hope she won't be too cranky about it this week.

tonight i heard news that a former high school art classmate of mine passed away last night. i remember having a crazy crush on him for those HS years. i heard that he was living in boston somehow when i was preparing to move out of boston... apparently after high school he went on to be a successful artist, getting a masters degree from RISD, starting a business and getting married. all while living with brain cancer. how inspiring... you can read the obituary here... Mark Nicholson

i feel a little inundated with cancer lately.. brain cancer even... a guy i used to love listening to from the Adam Carolla Show was recently diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. his soon to be wife keeps a very compelling blog about all the drs appointments and events that are happening as they go through radiation and chemo. i read every word with tissues close by. i've been moved so far as to donate money.

i don't like when people i know are sick, or die.