Monday, February 18, 2008

baby hunt update...

since everyone is asking me... EH said i should just update my blog with the latest...

here is the latest:
3:20 - i got the call from a very emotional cath. she said the baby is perfect in every way and looks exactly like sarah. sarah was going to try to nurse, then they would take the baby to the nursery for a proper cleaning and weighing and measuring. cath swears she has taken some pictures.
2:52am - finally the baby is born. happy birthday to me.

9:57 - just got an update.. they are just now getting around to putting the monitor on.. everyone took a nap, and a baby boy was born nearby, so they have renewed enthusiasm.. cath said that it would take a miracle at this point for her to have the baby before midnight.
8:12 - she got the epidural and is totally relaxed... the doctor suggested that she take a nap, even if its only for an hour or two... they are going to put a monitor on to monitor the baby and the contractions. she was dilated a good 3 inches. about 80% effaced.
6:20 - she was waiting for her epidural. the pain was becoming unbearable.
5:36 - the midwife broke her water at 5:15ish and when they were all a flutter wondering if they needed to call Jrs parents the midwife said.. well.. she should have the baby by morning.. apparently they don't feel the need to rush... so the chances of her having this baby on my bday are getting greater by the minute. :)
4:27 - She's been given petosin 4 times, she's having contractions in her uterous, and she's laughing through the whole thing. - cath predicts a 9pm-ish delivery.
3:30pm - i heard she was contracting pretty well, and they were going to break her water in 1-2 hours.
11:53am - they were walking.
6am this morning - went in for inducing.