Thursday, February 14, 2008

piece of S teeth...

happy valentines day to me! another year without a *valentine*, that makes just about 32 years in a row now.

to make the day better.... i am have one of my teeth ground down to a little pointy nub so the dentist can put a fake tooth on top while i wait a week for the "real" tooth to be fabricated. then... i get to charge the $284 to my credit card.

in all seriousness, i am more than happy to pay $284 for a cap.. i've paid far more than that for caps before.. dental insurance is a wonderful thing.. i'm glad that i am having this appt really. more than a month ago it was decided i needed this procedure, but it's taken this long for the insurance company to approve it. since that appt i have been very conscious of the chip and feel as if its getting bigger, and i imagine that my tooth is crumbling out of my head.

speaking of insurance companies and approving things... my medical insurance does not cover the orthodics and the nighttime boot i need for my plantar fasciitis. :( that will set me back $475 in total. yay!!

since "bad things" happen in threes i can't help but wonder if there are going to be some serious car repairs i will need to make soon..

cath is ready to drive like a bat out of hell to olean as soon as she gets a call. she thinks she might need to go today.. in preparation for that we practiced her photo taking and uploading to kodak skills... she was able to do it completely unassisted this morning... i'm rather impressed...