Saturday, February 02, 2008

getting closer!

my vacation is just days away.. i can almost feel the sand between my toes. i'm almost done packing..

i ordered this battery on ebay the other day and i'm very disappointed that it only lasts about an hour.. i've written to the guy who sold it to me and if i don't hear back about a refund i'm leaving him a bad comment. :)

everyone prob knows now, i'm going to be an aunt to my second niece.. E&RH found out last friday. they are so excited!! this baby will be the baby will be the biggest hello kitty fan i think.. i wouldn't be surprised if their middle name was sanrio.

cath and i prepared for our superbowl party tomorrow.. we made little flags with the pats/giants logos on them for our rice crispy treats. AC actually designed them, cath and i just cut them, glued them and put toothpicks in them.

in a few minutes i'll be going to the brew fest... i hope its fun!