Monday, February 11, 2008

diarrhea, cha cha cha.

i was just in mexico for 5 days and had absolutely no digestive issues... i've had nothing but digestive issues now that i am back. wtf!! i'm thinking it was the nerves from spending more than 15 hours in transit home yesterday. grrrrr..

i left the resort at 6am-ish on a shuttle that stopped at a couple other resorts along the way to the airport. i was through check-in and security within an hour so i had about 2 hours to kill before my flight to philidelphia. my plane was on time and i arrived as scheduled in PA at about 1:45. in about an hour i was through customs and immigration and had re-checked my bag. then the waiting game began. i took my time wandering through PHL because my flight was originally supposed to leave at 4:30-5.. however it was pushed back, and pushed back.. then there was a gate change... the flight before mine headed to syracuse was cancelled... then finally we boarded at 6:20 and actually took off at about 7:30.. i could have so driven a rental car from there in half that amount of time. urgh. so frustrating. i stole some cat naps here and there in the airports and on the planes, but it was far from restful.

anyway.. even though the travels back was less than optimal i had a great time. i took more than 400 photos and have a bunch of video that i want to put out there.. so i'll be doing that as time allows. i'm going to break the photos out by day i think.. here is the first installment..

[the first day]

here are the photos from my travels there and my first day at the resort.

when we checked in the concierge asked us if we wanted some wine. it was so nice to sip wine as we checked in... everytime i go through the lobby i get a glass of champagne or whatever they have on ice there.

i love our hotel room bathroom. there are those bowl sinks that sit on top of the counter in every bathroom in this place. and our shower is all tile, with huge a huge glass wall. there is a seat in the back, and the shower fixture slides up and down and you can take it off and use it as a wand. so cool. that is what i am going to put in my house when i get it. :)

somehow the lock that only allows the door to be opened 3 inches was activated and we couldn't get into the room. we had to flag down the security guard guillermo and he didn't know what we were saying.. but he did leave and come back with a butter knife and successfully took the latch part off the door casing..

we had dinner this night at the mexican place and it was delicious. we laughed our way through the meal. in honor of the banana flambe uncle P rolled up his napkin and was threatening to set it on fire with the table candle to "show our appreciation" for the meal... the meal was a very great way to start the vacation.

we met up with a few more people at the bar afterwards and D&G (bride and groom) gave us beach bags with an insulated cup, a bracelet that would designate us as part of the party, and a mexican blanket inside. all items were monogrammed. it was a great surprising gift!

we didn't party really late because we had to wake up early the next morning to go on our tour of chichen itza.

we were meeting in the lobby to walk down to the bus stop to catch our tour bus at 7am. as we were preparing for bed aunt T and i decided that we wanted to get up extra early and catch the sunrise. we called the front desk to see what time the sun rises, but they didn't understand that line of questioning... i was bounced around a few times and noone could understand me.. so we did the math and because back in CO, the sun rises at 615-630, we figured that it would rise at 515-530 in mexico.. we set the alarm for 445 so we could jump out of bed and rush down to the beach and watch.. well, stupid us.... the reason for the time difference is so that the sun rises at the same time all over the place.. duh.. so we sat on the pitch black beach until 6ish and finally decided we had to leave to get ready for the day... you'll see some of those pics in the next album.