Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the love keeps pouring in.

my birthday week continues! i think because of presidents day i'm even going to see cards in the mail tomorrow! :) the production department took me to lunch today at ricos where i had their infamous "chicken riggies". they were spicy!! i have enough leftovers to eat for the next week after all these "goings out". then after work K&JW took me out to ice cream dinner and they accompanied me to the musical "dirty rotten scoundrels". all in all a great evening!

cath and mike really missed out by not going to see this musical. it was the only one this season that i wasn't really familiar with and to be honest, it was the best by leaps and bounds.. it was funny, one of the main characters was very attractive, the songs were catchy, there was suggestive parts, the dancing was wicked impressive, and there was a noticeable amount of swearing. :) my kind of show...