Tuesday, February 05, 2008

disturbing dream

i had a very odd dream last night.. i was at my childhood home in manlius, i was in the kitchen with EH and our cat mittens. EH had poured some gun powder on the floor and trailed it to a big can of gasoline. she was nonchalantly telling me how she was going to blow up the house and herself. she wondered if i wanted to join her in suicide. i thought about it and decided, "why not?". she threw the match or lighter down towards the gun powder and it started to snake thru the gun powder.

then i had a change of heart.. i told EH that maybe we shouldn't.... so we ran out on to the deck before the gas can exploded the house.

we got far enough away, but mittens didn't make it.. eventually the fire dept realized it was arson. EH and I went to work the next day and were interrogated and EH, again nonchalantly, owned up to starting the fire....

that was about the time i woke up in think..

very odd...