Wednesday, February 06, 2008

free wifi!

the hancock airport has free wifi. how cool. i don't think i've been to an airport before with free wifi..

it's 730am, and so far so good. i tried to check in online yesterday but my first name was listed with an MS tacked on the end, and that is not what is on my passport, so i figured i had to go to the counter. the woman said it didn't matter. great. so i got up at 5AM for no reason, and cath got me here by 630 only so i could spend from 7-825 waiting to board my plane. so it's good there is free wifi.

i should get to the cancun airport at 145. my flight number going from charlotte to cancun is 815. i hope that is not an omen.. after i arrive, i wait till my aunt gets there at 3pm, then we will hopefully meet our cab driver and drive 45 min to the resort.

tonight we have dinner reservations at the resorts mexican restaurant. tomorrow morning we get up really early again and go to tour Chichen Itza. KT said she's done it and it's very similar to our bus trip out to bath. i hope the bus monitor doesn't make me throw out my Burger King before boarding the bus back. but i am going to assume that Burger King hasn't made it's way out to the mayan ruins.

here is a pic i have been meaning to post of the football treats we made. thanks AMC for designing the flags.. :)