Wednesday, February 13, 2008

just like i thought...

i broke down and saw a podiatrist this morning.. he confirmed my beliefs that i have a bone spur. i also have an inflamed plantar fascia. the xrays showed pretty much exactly what you see above.. it's like there is a little hook at the bottom of the bone of my heel.

the good dr prescribed me some anti inflammatory that i will take for 2 weeks, and i will be fitted for orthodics that will go in my shoes to hopefully immobilize the muscle/tendon so it can heal. i have stretches to do, and might have to wear a boot at night that stretches the tendon. he said though that i have very high arches, so the orthodics will be difficult to wear in "dress shoes". that is fine, because as of late, i only feel comfortable in my sneakers anyway..

if none of those things alleviate the pain enough he said we could do physical therapy and a shot of cortisone. cross your fingers these other things work, i'm a little apprehensive of a cortisone shot.

[Day 3 - The Wedding]

the day started out with TC and i sleeping in and rolling on down to breakfast at the buffet.. it was delicious.

then we headed straight for the beach. we had been there 2 days so far and had yet to soak up the sun! i'm really not an ocean lover, but this water was unbelievably blue and clear and void of animals, rocks, anything! the waves were fun but made me a little motion sick.. so i went back to the beach.

when we were trudging across the campus to lunch i took a spill on the tiles near the main pools and seemingly didn't injure myself. later i learned that it was because my camera seemed to take the brunt of the fall. :( i have broken yet another view finder panel on yet another nikon camera. this is a sign to ditch that delicate camera and get something a little more durable. the camera itself still works fine, i just can't frame up the shot, see if it was blurry, switch my flash options, delete photos from the camera, etc. it's rather annoying. i'm going to see if i could take it somewhere..

that evening was the wedding. the resort had roped off an area and cleared it of chairs. this bold topless sunbather and her man friend disregarded the ropes and set up shop inside. when we came back to the area "tits magee" was just outside the ropes with a front row seat for the festivities. i think she left actually before the ceremony really got started. topless sunbathing is something that i just don't get. i tried to take some pictures of the few people we saw, but with my crappy broken camera, it turns out i never got the pics. :(

the wedding itself was so beautiful. even with my aversion to sand and the ocean, i still thought it was pretty dreamy and romantic. destination weddings are a thumbs up in my book! the resort did a great job transforming the beach into a pretty sophisticated area. they sunk these tropical looking plants in the sand that created the aisle, they had these white lacy pieces of fabric that they hung from the rafters in the gazebo and buried in the sand. then there were there guys with guitars that sang for us.

DCs dress was so beautiful. it fit her like a glove.. the wedding took place at 5pm, which is the time the sun starts to set. so their photographer got some great beach shots. after the ceremony we had dinner in one of the restaurants. then they opened the disco for 2 hours for us.. it was great. one of GFs (DC's new husband) brothers is a stunt man, and used to be a part of cirque du soliel. he had more energy than anyone i've ever seen. he danced away most of the night, and luca followed him around and imitated him all night. it was adorable. i have some video of this (i think). when i get around to downloading the video i will try to post it.

one very awesome part of the wedding was the spectators... they were lining up and down the ropes and even boldly wandering around behind the official and the wedding party to take photos. you would have thought D&G were celebrities.

we ate dinner at the same place we ate at the night before, then went over to the disco that was opened up special for us and did some dancing (and shots). the only drawback to the disco was the smoke they kept piping into the room. i think my eyes were bleeding by the time i left.

this was another rather early night.. surprisingly. :)

here are the photos. you'd be so proud, i cut them down from 138 to 85. woot, go me!

[Day 4 - the last day]

TC and i woke up this morning and just barely made it to breakfast... after that i went in search of an internet fix and internetted for approximately 2 hours. then i took my time and got ready for the pool. i decided not to go to the beach today because i love pools.. and the pool was much closer to the bar. :) i got to the beach and the sky was looking pretty black. after about 5 minutes it started pouring and didn't let up for at least 45 minutes. by then it was time for lunch.. after lunch i took my computer with me back down to the beach and wrote down some of the activities and organized my photos.

it was all in all a pretty chill relaxing day.

the whole trip in general was fantastic, i am so glad i was able to make it. seeing my cousins that i really never see was a delight, and spending so much time with my favorite aunts and uncles was also crazy fun. i'd do it again in a heartbeat.

here are the final few pictures i took that day.

i've already talked about the trip home, but i forgot to mention the horrible movie they were playing on the way home on the plane. Dan in Real Life. oh my god. i thought i would like this since i am a huge steve carrell fan and i like dane cook enough. but it is replacing "joe vs the volcano" in my personal list of worst movies of all time. the whole premise of the movie is that steve carrell is a widower and has 3 girls. i thought from the previews it would be about him raising daughters, but it wasn't. it was about him meeting a woman in a bookstore for what seemed like the length of time it took to drink one cup of coffee. he is in his hometown with the kids and all his brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and parents. he then finds out the woman from the bookstore is his brothers girlfriend. they keep it a secret, but he acts like they were deeply in love and had met years and years ago. its disgustingly dumb! also... the family is obnoxious about playing games together and having all this family time. that is just so unrealistic. i kind of think that our family spends a great deal of time all together and this kind of crap would never happen. its the first time the family is meeting the woman that steve carell is secretly in love with. they seem to love her and fawn all over her. when does that happen. it's so dumb i wanted to throw up.. the girls are opening up to her and telling them their deepest secrets, the mom tells dane cook if he screws up this relationship he'll be kicked out of the family and they are going to keep her. she is annoying in her own right. i couldn't pinpoint her nationality, but she spoke in an almost broken english. it was horrible. i am getting so mad just re-thinking about this movie. i beg of you don't see this movie!