Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2 crappy cameras.

so this weekend i brought both my broken cameras with me in the event that my latest crappy camera craps out. well, ask and you shall receive... my s5 stopped working at the celtics game.. so i switched monday morning to my old broken camera the s2. well, i got about 5 pictures out on the way to the bar and the memory was full. TR saved me and brought a spare SD card, but the crap camera wouldn't recognize it.

ugh i hate those cameras. i had so many great opportunities for pictures too..

i felt like i was on a tour of massachusetts. i saw the back bay, kenmore, mashpee on the cape, chelmsford in the north, brighton, somerville, north station, and finally lexington.

before the tour of MA i had a pit stop in albany to see MK on her birthday. i met her at her dads house and didn't realize i would be joining a birthday party in progress. i arrived just in time for cake. i met MKs younger brother. i had never met any of her siblings and don't know why, but i was shocked at how damned hot he was.. be still my beating heart. after cake and singing and storytelling and list writing MK and i returned to her apt and went to bed early so we could have a birthday breakfast at a nearby diner.

then i hightailed it to newbury street to meet PMB and KB. it was so nice to catch up with them, i haven't seen either of them in years. i love meeting up with old friends and picking up right where we left off. that was definitely a theme this weekend. we ate tapas at "tapeo"... and the city was so swollen with visitors i didn't even try to find parking.. i paid to park in a lot. :(

after lunch i journeyed down to JBPs new place. to say it was as nice as an all inclusive resort would be an understatement. it's unreal how nice the place is.. i am so happy for them. luckily this was one of the places i did manage to get pics of.

the view from lees backyard.. click for a larger picture.

sunday morning HEKD and LK made us pancakes and fruit. then JBP and i drove north to L&TMs house. we had a great time catching up... a lot happens in 2 years... after hanging out we all headed into boston to watch the celtics game. our seats were pretty phenomenal.. and there were fireworks beforehand as well. a bunch of red sox players were at the game too.. we saw sitting courtside, mike lowell (rrrrr), david ortiz, dustin pedroia, kevin youklis and coco crisp. they kept showing them on the jumbotron. and the crowd would go nuts.. the crowd also went crazy for kevin garnet.. i had never heard of him, but he was a superstar! the celtics won.

sunday evening we sped over to brighton to meet up with LK and JN.. just in time to go home really.

monday we left the house at 9-930 and braved the crowds and made it down to fenway area to the bar by 1030.. after our game going friends left we crossed the street via a 4 block detour and had some lunch and drinks at "the audobon". i retold everyone the story of SHs dominican flag stealing during the fated red sox/yankees game..

after our LOOOONG day in boston we headed out to brighton to the new "beer garden" to watch the bruins game (all of bostons sports teams are en fuego.) and eat dinner. we waited an hour easily for our food. the bruins lost game 7 in a big way..

this morning JBO and i went out to breakfast and after i dropped her off at the T i headed out to my old workplace in lexington to meet an old coworker and catch up. it was great to see everyone. another instance where i wish i had my camera.. grrrr...

so to sum it up, i prob put 900 miles on my car, and need another "vacation".

here are the limited pics i snapped before my cameras forsook me.