Thursday, April 24, 2008

omg.. it's thursday already..

wow, i'm all effed up as far as what day it is and what is on tv.. tonight is survivor and the new episode of lost already! (and the 1st day of sweeps for those of you paying attention). i have to work at the M&T. i hope my foot/leg holds out.. it's pretty wrecked still from the weekend. i hobble down the hallway to the bathroom at work as infrequently as possible.

my car is failing me lately.. besides the ongoing oil leaking/burning that i've been doctoring with frequent adding of oil (thanks Uncle Paul), my e-brake is acting up again. i seem to be able to pull up on it more and more and more, and the car is rolling when it's supposed to be parked more and more as well. ugh. makes me angry. since lunch with SF last friday i've been trying to imagine what car i would buy if i got a new one..

on a completely random note.. cath so eloquently told me this morning that my "cherry pie" lotion smells like "alcohol skin".