Monday, April 14, 2008

blogger appreciation day and certified mail

darren over at has unofficially declared today blogger appreciation day..

i wanted to thank all the bloggers that keep me entertained on a daily basis.. i can't tell you how many times i laugh out loud sitting here at my desk with some of the posts and comments that pop up.. i know that it's a personal choice by that of the blogger to keep up with posting and the content that goes up.. but it's so delightful to see the name of my favorite blogs turn bold in my feedreader indicating to me that there is new content when i'm looking for a distraction in my day. i also love being able to "keep up" so to speak with what my friends and family are doing that i don't see or talk to on a daily basis..

so wherever you fit in the blog-o-sphere, i thank you!

in other news...

i got a postcard from the mailman on saturday saying i needed to sign for a letter from "Dialog" and the name on it was Brown.. i went to the post office before work to pick it up and sure enough it wasn't there, noone could find it. i got a call about 1/2 an hour after i got to work and turns out the carrier had left it in his satchel.. so now i have to go back at lunch to sign for it.. it better be worth all these trips to the PO...