Tuesday, April 29, 2008

nicely manicured hands, cola beef and melanoma

my podiatrist has such nicely manicured hands, i was noticing today as he massaged and pressed the tendons in my ailing foot. his nails are very clean and trimmed short. rrrrrrrr.

i got the night splint.. and i asked him if driving long distances will always be a problem for me. he said no.... not if we can get the inflammation to calm down, it shouldn't be a problem.

tonight cath is making cola beef.. i have been having dreams about this dish lately.. you put a beef roast in a crock pot with chili sauce (we didn't have any, so cath used thai sweet chili sauce.. i bet it will be delicious!) and a can of soda.. then you cook the s**t out of it all day long.. by the time you eat it, its falling apart in delicious little strings that have been simmering in boiled down juices. yuuummmmm..

i don't know if anyone read this article or not from boston.com.. it's an interview with kelli pedroia (dustin pedroia's wife).. it is supposed to be anti tanning, but it's a mixed message at best.. especially when she goes on the record saying...

But her husband stands at second base for hours, often in the heat of the day. Does he wear sunscreen? "Dustin? I don't even know. That sun beats down, and I can say it to him until I'm blue in the face, but if the kid doesn't get it. . ."

wtf kind of message is that??! boston.com must have been hard up for a story.. this story pisses me off.