Thursday, April 17, 2008

big huge weekend!!


sunday the chance to go to game 1 of the eastern conference quarterfinals celtics vs. atlanta hawks came up, so JBP and i jumped at the chance to take in a ball game... i haven't been to a celtics game in more than 6 years... i heard they are good now.. when i have been in the past they were not that good, and the garden (fleet center at the time) didn't come close to selling out.. so i'm looking forward to it..

this weekend will be jam packed with fun! i am traveling out to MA to watch the marathon monday red sox game through the bottom of a pint glass. along the way i will have the opportunity to see many old friends that i have not seen in quite some time.

friday i am stopping to see MK, my favorite pharmacist.. it's her birthday.. she had the night wide open. ;)

saturday i am having tapas with old coworkers on newbury st, and then heading down to JBPs new apt in mashpee to check out her new pad and catch up.. maybe some hot tubbing.

sunday.. more friend seeing, north of boston this time.. then some good old fun in my old town of brighton..

monday early morning the real fun begins.. i have my fingers crossed the weather is nice. the game starts at 11 i think.. so we are planning to be down in the fenway area at 9am.. then who knows what will happen!

tuesday i enjoy a nice breakfast on my way out of town. i see that "the hammer" is playing in portland, me.. LK is trying to talk me out of going up there to see it on my way home.. we'll see..

it's going to be an exhausting weekend, and i can't wait!

tomorrow i am going to check out a new restaurant with SF.. it's called funk n waffles. they have some bizarre waffle meals on their menu.. check it out..