Friday, April 25, 2008

it's the weekend!!

wow this came up so fast. gotta love vacations.. i am *fingers crossed* seeing 'forgetting sarah marshall' tonight with KW. if she can't go i am going to have to just go by myself. i really want to see that movie. tomorrow i have to work, and then cath and i are going to see 'baby mama'. i have been seeing preliminary reports that it's good.

today i went to lunch with AMC and told her how even if i leave it in gear my car still rolls without my e-brake. so she schooled me in the delicacies of a manual transmission and how it will roll unless you release the clutch. DUH!! so that is where i have been going wrong all this time. i'm so dumb.. i will surely be using this method of parking from now on.

earlier this week when i was fantasy car shopping i kept mentioning how my next car must have certain features of my current car. so cath, half listening, says..... "if you love your car so much why don't you just get it fixed?". that really resonated with me after some defeating fantasy shopping.. my car is worth about 5K from kelleys blue book. i still owe around 6K on it over the next 2 years... all the cars that were acceptable for me to buy were in the 17-18K range.. if i wanted to have them absorb my current loan and take out a loan that would be no more than 4 years (with a 0% apr btw), i would be increasing my payments by at least $100, probably more. and... i would prob not find a car that had steering column volume control like i wanted. soooooo. i think i am going to explore getting the leaking/burning oil problem fixed, the e-brake retightened and hope that the LOUD engine noise is related to the leaking oil.. which i hope is a gasket problem, not a crack...

if those repairs won't break the bank, i could always have an auxiliary mp3 player added to my stereo (or just buy a new stereo) and be more than happy with my car for many years to come.. plus.. say in 2 years when i am done paying it off, i should still be able to get a decent amount for it trade in wise and should be able to get another car payment closer to what i have now...

so.. please say prayers that my engine problems are minor..... :) otherwise i am going to need a plan B.