Tuesday, April 08, 2008

things i learned today.

1. commercial art supply will cut mats to size for you. for a fee.
2. AC Moore has a wide frame selection.
3. purchasing a frame and buying and having a mat cut can be accomplished in a lunch hour.
4. steve pavlina is a crazy inspiring guy. king of common sense.
5. i want to buy a thing-a-ma jig that will allow me to listen to my ipod in my car.

steve pavlina...i don't remember exactly how i first started reading steve pavlina... he was probably a guest blogger on problogger.com... but since i've found him i periodically fall into expansive stretches of time where i read all i can get my eyeballs on of his articles.. he has a whole blog dedicated to personal development. he most recently did a 30 day raw food trial.. he also graduated college in 3 semesters with 2 degrees.. one in math and one in computer programming.. and 17 years ago as a 19 year old kid he was sitting in jail on a felony theft charge.... his ideas and attitude about things reminds me a lot of wfisher.. maybe my perception of wfisher is way off, but in my mind, he is very similar to this guy..