Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i know, i'm crazy.

friday KW and i have decided to go to NYC, meet up with BDK and try to get into the season premiere of SNL. :) this is most likely going to involve waiting outdoors overnight in line, but how fun does that sound? pretty damn fun i think. :)

i've never been to a taping of a TV show and think it would be pretty damn awesome to see SNL i've been such a fan for many years now... i just hope the rest of america doesn't have the same idea and waiting in line for many hours isn't fruitless.

i just realized that the pushing back of the harry potter movie that everyone was grumbling about recently is directly due to the play i have tix for on broadway in november. score! when i bought the tickets i read that the opening was going to coincide with daniel radcliffes promotional schedule for that movie and i was going to be PISSED if he wasn't going to be in my show. now i don't have to worry.