Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my roommate the "young, hip, Creed"

i don't know how much of my audience watches the office, but last season there was an episode where Ryan comes in and starts training the office workers on using the systems new website.. well, Creed is convinced Ryan is trying to weed out the older employees.. so he dyes his hair black.. it had to be my favorite episode of the season.

when i got home from work last night sitting on the couch was Creed. cath is forever changing hair dye, and this latest one is the darkest by far. i think it might be as dark as mine. :)

she emailed me this during the day..

"this morning in class this little first grader looks at me kind of startled and says oh Mrs.. Brown, you spray painted your hair!!!!!! I said, why yes, I did!"

i'll take a pic before it fades too much!