Sunday, September 21, 2008

slowly but surely.

a while ago i bought a couple of reusable shopping bags at wegmans.. mostly because i liked how they looked. black, with crude white drawings of a fork, plate and a wine glass. i've been keeping them in the car so that i always have them when i go shopping... i've been pretty good about bringing them into the groc store, but not so good about bringing them to other stores, like staples, or eckerds. but slowly i am turning over a green leaf. EBH would be proud.

i'm starting to love this american boy song that i've heard a couple of times. i was surprised to hear it was some girl featuring kanye west. i seem to always like kanye west..maybe i should buy some of his albums...

i saw burn after reading the other night. it was good i thought. definitely lighter than no country for old men.. i didn't have so many questions at the end of this one, and there was a pretty hysterical "reveal" about 2/3rds the way through. :)

i've started the painting... its still very preliminary.. hopefully i will find some inspiration to continue on it while i watch the emmys.. you can check out how far i've gotten on my art blog.

i'm excited for jimmy kimmels emmy special. he's pretty awesome and needs more credit for bringing the funny.