Monday, September 22, 2008

i think i'm going to make it.

the painting is going swimmingly. my art blog has the latest pic.

this morning i finished up what was left of my mousse. how come the very last handful and the very first handful are always THE BEST of the whole can? it makes absolutely no sense, but time and time again it's true!

this weekend is going to be a repeat of another weekend i had last july. only this time i am not going to get a ticket for speeding in a work zone. hopefully MK tells us another one of her great "bedtime" stories. :)

before the debauchery though i'll get to visit E&R and auds.. i hear she can hold her head up on her own now!! can't wait to see it! the last pictures i saw her cheeks were really filling out.. they are so cute!

i heard about ricky gervais' free podcasts on the jimmy kimmel show the other night.. i'm always looking for a good podcast so i downloaded them. omg.. i was caught by such surprise at one point today that i couldn't stifle my laugh in time and laughed right out loud at my desk. there are 3 of them on the podcast, ricky, steve merchant and their producer Karl. he comes up with the most bizarre shit, and ricky and steve basically make fun of him and egg him on for an hour. i burned through all the free downloads. then i saw that there are like 5 seasons available for purchase.. i bought the 1st season.. it's 6.5 hours worth. hopefully that lasts me the rest of the week.