Thursday, September 18, 2008

the weekend is almost here!

i got the rough idea sketched on the canvas for what i am going to paint.. the rest should be easy-peasy. i'm getting the feeling it's going to be rather easy. golden retrievers with their long hair just seems like something that is going to lend itself well to acrylics..

i've made plans to go see "burn after reading" tomorrow. i don't care that i've heard bad things about it. john malkovich is in it.. and its the cohen brothers, how bad can it be?

i mean to write about this everyday, but then i forget... the factory windshield wipers on my car suck so badly, that i drive pretty much blinded until about 2 miles from my house when the defroster has successfully been run long enough to warm up and dry out the windshield from the inside. this weekend i need to put that rainX on them, and i probably should just toss them and get the good ones i had on my honda.

today i found out that work holds an annual internal art show and then invites judges from the everson to come and pick a piece or two to go on display at the museum. i'm getting in that everson show damnit! i think it's at the beginning of the year..