Saturday, September 06, 2008

why all of a sudden?

people from all over the world have been searching google images and hitting my blog looking at this picture.. i wonder why. it's crazy.. in the last 24 hours i've been pinged from:

Lazio, Rome, Italy
Connecticut, Simsbury, United States
Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico
Gelderland, Harderwijk, Netherlands
Zadarska, Zadar, Croatia
Texas, New Braunfels, United States
Maine, Portland, United States
New York, Corona, United States
New Jersey, Union, United States
New Jersey, Pennington, United States
England, London, United Kingdom
California, Los Angeles, United States
Oregon, Forest Grove, United States
Ile-de-france, Paris, France
England, London, United Kingdom
Noord-brabant, Tilburg, Netherlands
New York, Brooklyn, United States
District Of Columbia, Washington
New Jersey, Princeton, United States