Monday, September 01, 2008

what a long weekend...

this weekend has seemed wicked long. friday i went to see Vicki Christina Barcelona, i was expecting it to suck, but it was shockingly great. maybe it was my no/low expectations, or maybe it was that they drank wine in almost every scene, or maybe it was that two of the main characters were painters, or maybe it was just the romantic notion of going off to spain and having a tryst with a spanish man..

whatever the reason, it worked. i will surely be buying this film when it comes out on DVD.

friday night all the guests arrived, the MA people and i were able to grab dinner at the dinosaur. i had two ribs.. i was so proud of myself.

saturday we took our time getting ready, and walked over to a couple of prospective houses in the neighborhood and peeked in the windows. later we headed out to the fair in the early afternoon. whoa what a good time we had. DD and HEKD were impressed by the sheer size of the fair, i knew they would not have ever been to a fair that big before.. the time flew by.. after the fair we headed out to mulligans for a nightcap. cath met us there. in retrospect i was too drunk to go out more, and it resulted in my taking a 1/2 full pitcher home with us. now what the F are we going to do with a pitcher?

sunday we woke up and most people headed up to the beach, while HEKD, DD and i had breakfast at wegmans before they headed out..

i would imagine DD doesn't want to hear how cheap it is to live here anymore.. :)

here are the photos i took...

there is a reality bites back marathon on today. i like that show.. i think i mostly just like michael ian black though.

i happened upon a segment of The Adam Carolla Project this morning.. oh that was such a great show. i am looking forward to ACs star to blow up as a result of American Top Gear so that TLC will get their act together and put that show on DVD. shiiiiiiit.