Wednesday, September 03, 2008

wow, so tired.

so, i've been at my new job for 2 days now. it's definitely a different environment/culture than the station.. i've been compiling a list of pros and cons..


  • next week is employee appreciation week, it sould like there are going to be little activities/parties each day next week. :) culminating with a wii bowling tournament
  • my new desk has two 19 inch monitors. i'll take a pic of my cube once i get it all settled.
  • we have an office in blue bell, PA, and my boss said i could go down one of these times.. i think it's near EH..
  • there is an ATM machine right in the lobby. woot! there is also a childcare place and gym, not that i need either of them.
  • there is a cafe in the building. woot! that is very exciting to me.
  • they have cold water/hot water tnkless water coolers. (it's the little things that excite me)
  • there are 4 fridges in the kitchen
  • they hold company tailgates. how cool!
  • you can get a cup of soda fountain ice for free from the cafe
  • there is a mostly mandatory IM program that everyone uses.. woot! too bad its internal only

  • instead of outlook, they use novel Groupwise. :( it's subpar in my opinion
  • not being in IT i have to ask permission for every little thing. :(
  • No IE 7, it conflicts with oracle, so i need to use firefox. not happy.
  • i can't download an email client, so i need to do my home email through webmail.

    i was so tired this morning, mondays, tuesdays and thursdays i am doing double duty and working part time at night. so yesterday i was there from 6-11. i had a lot of work to do... then when i got home i saw that my michael phelps book had arrived that i bought on amazon about 16 years ago (could book rate be mailed any slower?!). it's crazy easy reading (prob cause i was witten by a teenager) so i was able to buzz through half of it last night. the chapters are so short i kept telling myself just one more.. then there would be a whole chapter about his dad, or his sister.. by the time i forced myself to put it down it was after 2 am. and in case you didn't know, my new job starts at 8am. :(

    i'm going to bed as soon as i am done watching last nights episode of jimmy kimmel, and i'm only going to read 3 chapters!