Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pennslyvania in September

this weekend was a lot of fun. i just wish that travelling and visiting friends was a lot more relaxing. :) last night and earlier today when i took a nap my back was very spasming. :( must be from all the driving.

pretty much the entire weekend was spent in the rain. i love the rain! but driving through it exclusively most likely contributed to my back spasms...

gettysburg was so cute. it doesn't have as many gorgeous stone homes and buildings as EHs area, but there are quite a few brick buildings.. A&CLs house is totally awesome.

they live right across the street from a battlefield. not really sure which one.. i walked over there and it started raining, naturally.. i had to hide under a tree and wait it out.

we ate dinner at "the pub" where you could get sandwiches on pretzel bread. sooo goood.

we ended up wandering across the square to another bar where we ended up talking to one 22 year old in particular. 22 people.. that means he was born in 1986. good grief we're old. the funniest thing about him was that when pressed about what football team he roots for and given the choice between new england and the giants he choose new england because "he'd like to go overseas". ohmylord. he also told us that he's dated "a mom before" she had 3 kids.. she was 36.

on the walk back to ALs house we had to walk by at least 15 fraternity houses. :( could not have felt older.

before i headed to Gettysburg i stopped for the night and morning in hatfield and saw E&RH and auds. we went to a baby flea market and got a bunch of stuff for next to nothing.. poor audrey is sick though. she must have picked something up at the snakepit.

here are the pictures i took. way better than MKs pictures. :)

thank you to E&RH for letting me stay with them friday night, and thank you A&CL for hosting me saturday night. i have a great weekend!